John Constantine - The Lost Soul Fictional Story

Fictional story by dilpreet singh
John Constantine - The Lost Soul

John Constantine is an exorcist who helps people for money. He is an asshole, who only cares about money. Nobody likes his violent and arrogant attitude. But he was a very kind man a few years ago and loved to help other people voluntarily. But there is a reason, why he became an asshole.

matt ryan in trench coat
John Constantine
Once John Constantine was performing an exorcism on 11 Years old boy named Dean Winchester in New Orleans. The boy was possessed by a very powerful demon name Tarkasur. John Constantine was not strong enough to cast that demon out from the body of that boy. But John was alone and helpless. He tried his best but Tarkasur took the soul of Dean Winchester to hell.

After that incident, John Constantine lost his mind. Now he gives pain to other people with his words to forget his pain. In the present day, John Constantine and his friend Nandi run an exorcism business in the USA. They help other people for money and enjoy their rest time in strip clubs.

Alexander Calvert
Nandi Nephilim

Nandi is not a human. He is a Nephilim ( half angel half human ) and has some supernatural powers. He is a son of Angel Shilada. Nandi has the power of 100 elephants. 

One day John Constantine and Nandi were working on a case in New Ohio, where a young girl was possessed by a demon name Trikaal. John performed some rituals and found that an ancient knife ( Dikota Goká ) required to cast the demon out from her body. Nandi researched the knife's location with his psychic powers.

Beautiful Angel Rabia
Angel Rabia
Nandi told John that the knife is locked away in an old church in Rome, Italy. John Constantine summoned an angel Rabia and seek her help. Rabia helped John and brought Dikota Goká from Rome, Italy to New Ohio. John Constantine cast out the demon Trikaal from the young girl's body and set her free. The girl thanked John and Nandi.

Ancient Knife
Dikota Goká
When Angel Rabia hand over the knife to John Constantine, Rabia touched his hand and came to know that John is in so much guilt for something. After the exorcism, Rabia asked John, why he is in so much guilt and pain. John inhaled deeply and started to cry. 

John said he lost a child in New Orleans named Dean Winchester to a demon Tarkasur. That demon took his soul to hell. Rabia understands the situation and decided to help John Constantine. Rabia said to John, I know a way to bring that kid's soul back from hell. But you have to put your life on risk in order to save Dean's soul from Tarkasur.

Hindu lord shiva murti
Lord Shiva
Angel Rabia said John you have to worship Lord Shiva and seek his help. After that Rabia got disappeared. John Constantine saw hope. On next day, He went to the jungle alone and started to worship Lord Shiva. After some time a godly voice from the sky said, "What do you want?" John said I want to defeat Tarkasur demon and want to bring back a boy's soul from hell. The godly voice said, "Tathasatu". When John opened his eyes he saw a shining powerful sword in his hands. He thanked Lord Shiva for the sword.

Shining sword
The  Sword
John Constantine went back home with the sword. John and Nandi discussed the plan to bring back Dean Winchester's soul. John opened the gates of hell with spell and went in with the sword in search of Tarkasur. Nandi put a protection spell on John so no other demon can see John Constantine in hell.

Demon Tarkasur in hell
After some time, John saw Tarkasur. He asked Tarkasur that where is Dean's soul. Tarkasur got disappeared with his evil laugh. There were so much darkness and screaming voices. John put the sword up with his right hand and then he saw a red cage where Dean's soul was suffering. John destroyed the cage with sword and set free Dean Winchester's soul. A part of John Constantine's soul burned during this incident. He went back to Nandi and said, "I did it."

John Constantine was feeling so happy. He saved an innocent soul with his courage and dedication. Angel Rabia was happy to see him free from guilt. Nandi and John had a great dinner that night and continued their exorcism business.

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John Constantine - The Lost Soul is a fictional story written by Dilpreet Singh. I hope, you have enjoyed this horror story. This story is inspired by Constantine Movie 2005 and Constantine TV Show 2014. If you do enjoy the story then share it with your friends. And if you want more stories on John Constantine life then comment below.
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